What’s in our water and what can we do about it?

Clean, safe water is essential to our health and the quality of our lives. Orient is in a unique situation when it comes to water. It is almost completely isolated from the rest of Long Island. We have a special responsibility to ourselves, our children, our neighbors, and to the land, to make the best decisions about how water comes into our homes, businesses and fields and how it goes out again.

These decisions and their consequences are too important to be made in a hurry and under pressure, or worse, without any input from Orient residents.

We must become very knowledgeable about water. The Orient Association is committed to helping us do that through educational forums, this website, and participation in public discussions.

We encourage everyone to get their water tested if you have not already done so. And we invite you to send us your test results so that we can create maps that show exactly where there are quality issues in Orient. We need to add to the data the County has been collecting in its sampling program. Read more.

What can you do to help?

Wastewater is a key element in the quality of the water we drink and use. Orient Association is sponsoring a wastewater survey, which is being conducted by Peconic Green Growth (PGG.) PGG has received several important grants to conduct this study, including most recently one from Suffolk County sponsored by Legislator Al Krupski and County Executive Steve Bellone.

Take the wastewater survey (if you have not already done so) and encourage your neighbors to do the same. Knowledge is power. The more we know, the more we can help shape Orient’s destiny.

Take the survey

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Give us your input

What do you think should be on OA’s Watch List, and how do you think we can help?

Email info@orientassociation.org with your suggestions.