Orient Association Mission

Orient Association’s mission is to provide forums for the people of Orient to learn about the issues that affect them, and to express their views and concerns about those issues. Our goal is to find constructive approaches to improve our community and to help solve the problems that we face.

The Orient Water Project

Water Project

Orient sits atop a single, thin, freshwater aquifer and is surrounded by beautiful, productive bays and estuaries.  Unfortunately, both our groundwater and our surface waters have been degraded over the past half-century, and both face significant threats going forward.

Water is the lifeblood of this community, so the OA believes it is critical to understand and confront these threats.  We are therefore working on developing a comprehensive plan for remediating and protecting the hamlet’s ground and surface waters. The plan will cover three areas:

  1. Situation assessment
  2. Prioritization of actions to be taken
  3. Activation (identification of funding and responsible party–Suffolk County Government, NYC DEC, EPA, etc.)

Top Issues


In the Fall of 2022 the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) began a private well testing survey in Orient Village.  They had detected high concentrations of “forever chemicals” a group of perfluorochemical compounds collectively known as PFAS or PFCs in several wells.  The survey was expanded twice based on the results of each phase and the groundwater studies performed by SCDHS.  If your property is located within the survey area shown on this map, you can still request free testing for the first time.  In addition, if you had your water tested over a year ago you can request another free test.  For those outside the survey area, private well testing by SCDHS costs $100 and can now include PFAS testing by request.  Call (631) 852-5810 to schedule a well test.   

On April 20, 2024 the EPA finalized new national drinking standards for public water systems for six types of PFAS  https://www.epa.gov/sdwa/and-polyfluoroalkyl-substances-pfas .  These standards need to be met by public water systems by 2029.  While the NY State DEC has provided filtration systems or bottled water for households in the SCDHS survey area with concentrations of PFOS or PFOA above the state standard of 10 parts per trillion, there are no plans at this time to provide filtration for those whose water does not meet the new national standards. 

Septic Grants

Orient and much of Suffolk county households are reliant on septic/cesspool waste water systems, many of which are in environmentally fragile areas and pre-date the requirement for adequate septic systems. These systems push pollutants, especially nitrates, into the groundwater and Peconic Bay.

Suffolk County and New York State have recognized these threats and established a grant program to encourage homeowners to install what is known as Advanced/Innovative Septic Systems. These systems, based on proven technology, transform normal household waste water into nearly pure water before leaching into the ground and the bay.


The town code includes regulations about many things that affect us including short-term rentals; building size and construction, noise; our visible environment including signs, lighting and dark skies; RV, trailer and boat storage; landscaping and dumpsters. Code compliance and enforcement (or lack of it) often comes up in our community meetings. It impacts many of the things that recent surveys say we value. Learn how code enforcement works and some ways it might be improved, and your role in ensuring compliance and enforcement.

Deer Management Forum 2022

At Poquatuck Hall – Moderated by Mary Morgan


  • Greg Doroski -Town Board Liaison for Deer Management Task Force
  • Craig Jobes-  Environmental Analyst and de facto member of the Deer Management Task Force
  • Arnold Blair- Nassau Point Property Owners Association Deer Committee and member Deer Management Task Force.

Important Issues

Historic Preservation

Orient is an exceptionally beautiful place. The preservation of iconic viewsheds, open space, farmland and historic homes all contribute to making it so special. With its unusually large group of late 18th century and early 19th century homes, the Orient Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. The Southold Town Historic Preservation Commission was formed to protect the integrity of the Historic District and other Landmarks. Find out more about the Historic District and the Historic Preservation Commission.

Pest Management

A balanced ecosystem is beneficial to plants, wildlife and humans alike.  Deer and ticks are an increasing threat to our ecosystems as well as public health and safety.  The North Fork Civics and the North Fork Deer Alliance have partnered with the Town and County to develop plans to reduce the deer population in Southold Town.

Plum Island

The Orient Association partnered with Preserve Plum Island and over 100 other organizations to keep Plum Island from being sold by the Federal Government to the highest bidder.


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Annual Meeting June 2024

Annual Meeting June 2024

​Orient Association held its annual meeting on Saturday June 8th at 2:00 pm at Poquatuck Hall. After the business meeting our guest speaker Mary Anne Taylor presented the results of the Orient Water Management Study.
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