Land Preservation

Much of the land in Orient is protected from development thanks to the sale or donation of development rights or easements. Other protected areas are State, County and local parklands and subdivision open spaces. As of 2016, there were 772 homes in Orient, 175 individual building sites and a calculated yield of 163 additional potential building sites on subdividable unprotected land. In the town of Southold, any new subdivision over 7 acres must preserve 60% open space as a “Standard Subdivision”. “Conservation Subdivisions” protect either 75% or 80% open space. The open space requirements are met through clustering new homes on smaller lots. There are several pending large subdivision proposals in Orient. Here are links to the Southold Town Planning Department files on these proposed subdivisions:


Conservation Subdivisions:

Standard Subdivisions:

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Protected Lands in Orient

Orient Aerial From 1961

Happening Now

Deer Management Forum – Aug. 13, 2022 – 9:30am at Poquatuck Hall

Deer Management Forum – Aug. 13, 2022 – 9:30am at Poquatuck Hall

The Orient Association is hosting a Deer Management Forum on Saturday, August 13th at 9:30 am in Poquatuck Hall. The guest speakers will be:
  • Greg Doroski- Town Board Member and Liaison to the Deer Management Task Force
  • Craig Jobes- Southold Town Environmental Analyst in charge of the hunting program and de facto member of the Deer Management Task Force
  • Arnold Blair- Nassau Point Property Owners Association Deer Committee and member of the Town Deer Management Task Force.
Find out what the Town is doing to control the deer population and see what you can do to help Learn about the rules and regulations that control hunting methods in Southold.
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Orient Water Project Update #2

Orient Water Project Update #2

Now that we are a few months into the Orient water project, I wanted to give you an update on our progress.As you know, we started this project with the goal of assessing, now and in the future:
  1. Ground water quantity
  2. Ground water quality
  3. Surface water health
In each case, we wanted to know whether there are steps that should be taken to improve and protect our water resources. 
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