How do I get my water tested?

Go to Suffolk County Private Well Water Testing Program and follow the instructions. They charge $100 – or less if you can show limited means. They probably take a

Alternatively, you can ask a private company to conduct a test for you. Results will be faster – but the fee is more likely to be in the $400 range. One such company is GNS Mermaid in Mattituck.

What kind of filter might I need?

Both Suffolk County Private Well Water Testing Program and private companies such as GNS Mermaid can advise you on this. The vast majority of impurities can be easily removed with a charcoal filter installed to filter all the water that enters your house.

Unfortunately, charcoal filters don’t remove nitrates, which is one of the reasons why this particular compound gets so much attention. The most common way of removing nitrates is a Reverse Osmosis System. (Imagine a membrane through which water molecules can pass but nothing else, or a screen that is even more efficient than charcoal.) R-O systems, as they are called, are more expensive than charcoal ones and many people buy one that filters the water at a single faucet (e.g. in the kitchen.) Whole-house ones are available too.

We’ll be putting up more information and links to filters and new advances in the near future.

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