5 minutes of your time can help save the bays and aquifers of Orient and the East End

Most of us know how our bays and all that lives within them have been struggling. What you may not know is that the ability to turn this around is within reach. This is the perfect moment to start making an enormous difference in the health of our bays, our aquifers — and our own well water.

Identifying and selecting the right approach to handling wastewater for each homeowner, business and farm is critical to our community. Cost, practicality and effectiveness, both short and long term, all must be considered.

The exciting news is that there are new, advanced and natural technologies being developed for wastewater treatment. These have the potential to work wonders for both individual and groups of homes or businesses. They can reduce by up to 75% the biggest threat to our bays — excess nitrates, phosphates and pollutants from our own septic systems and cesspools, especially those close to the bays. And that’s even better for the East End’s aquifers and wells.

The other good news is that costs are falling, communities that care are banding together to explore what can be done, and funding opportunities are increasingly available.

The first step is to gather information and that is what this survey is designed to do. Peconic Green Growth (PGG) is conducting a survey to understand how wastewater is currently being managed and how it can be managed in the future. After results are in, PGG and other local associations will hold public meetings to share information, discuss concerns, identify opportunities, and discuss next steps


It’s exploratory, private and commits you to nothing.

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