Take Advantge of Suffolk County’s Septic Improvement Grants

Suffolk County is providing $20,000 grants to homeowners to upgrade their systems. Grants are distributed on a first come, first served basis from a ten million dollar ($10M) pool. Time is of the essence. Complete information here.

  • Step 1: Fill out a Grant Application. Available at: reclaimourwater.info
  • Step 2: Get Permits from Health Department and other regulatory agencies (DEC or Trustees)
  • Step 3: Hire an engineer to help with designing for specific issues on your site. (Recommendations are available.)
  • Step 4: Installation (Takes two days)

Once permits and engineering are complete, the grant pays 100% of the installation cost. The systems can go on any size lot, no matter how small. The entire process takes about six months.

The Orient Association will assist every homeowner in the pink and yellow zones through the process of permits and grant applications, and work to mitigate any additional expenses. Join your neighbors to help save our bay for future generations.

Suffolk County Information here