September 2021 Newsletter

The end of a beautiful summer is upon us and it’s time for a roundup of news from The Orient Association. Here, the top issues in brief, with links you can follow for more information and ways to get involved.

  • New zoning codes proposed to Southold Town to preserve Orient’s Historic District.
  • The work being done by Orient Association in collaboration with the other hamlet civics in Southold to address the issue of house size.
  • Where it stands about the increasing aircraft noise overhead and the FAA lease of the East Hampton Airport due to expire this month.
  • State and County grants (up to $20,000) are funded again to assist homeowners to upgrade their septic systems to be eco-friendly and preserve our aquifers and waterways.
  • Deer and tick crisis survey

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Thank you,

Drianne Benner, President
Christine Churchill, Communications
The Orient Association