A Plan For Orient

These are the blueprints of how our hamlet (Orient) and our town (Southold) look and function. The laws, regulations and policies that govern us define what, where and how we can build and use the land and other resources around us. They control the present and guide the future.

Current Zoning

The Town of Southold regulates the types of uses that can be made of every parcel of land within its jurisdiction, from Laurel to Fishers Island. Through zoning, it decides where commercial, agricultural and marine business may be located. It controls the size of land needed to build homes, and what lands are to be reserved for recreational uses. It sets the scope and limits of development and preservation. Read more.

Southold Town Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Southold has been working for the past three years on an outline for the future of our community. This statement of policy, called “Southold 2020 – The New Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Southold”, is intended to be an overview of the principles that will guide the laws and regulations that the Town will enact and enforce for the next decade.

The Plan is very much a work in process. It consists of 11 major chapters. As each chapter (or chapter section) is drafted, the Town Planning Department circulates that portion to the public for review and comment.

To date, drafts of the following chapters have been completed:

  • Economic
  • Community Character
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Housing
  • Human Services
  • Land Preservation
  • Natural Resources & Environmental Protection
  • Water Resources section of Natural Resources & Environmental Protection

The goal is to complete the drafts of all of the chapters by 2014. The Town Board will then consider the drafts and the public’s input on those drafts before deciding on adoption as the official Town policy for future growth, preservation and development.

You can find out more about the Plan at the Town’s website:


The Plan is being coordinated by Heather Lanza, the Director of Planning for Southold. She can be reached at heather.lanza@town.southold.ny.us or 631-765-1938.

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