Cross Sound Ferry

The Cross Sound Ferry is a key element in the traffic pattern of the North Fork. Easy crossing to Connecticut is a real benefit to visitors, businesses and the residents of the East End. But the huge increase in traffic and problems with parking that CSF’s growth has created, especially since the arrival of the passenger-only ferry, pose a problem. How can CSF continue to be providing jobs and also be a good steward of the communities and lands where it operates? OA will continue to monitor and be active in this.

Deer Management

The deer problem in Orient is a significant safety issue and topic of concern unto itself. Click here to read about the thoughts of an important meeting on deer that OA hosted and Town Supervisor Scott Russell led.

Plum Island

Southold Town has passed a new zoning plan for Plum Island itself. But we need to make sure the ferry terminal at Orient Point also gets zoned appropriately.   Right now, its “Marine II” and that allows multiple restaurants, additional Cross Sound ferry or other commercial ferries, and various other high density activities. OA will be following this. You can learn more by going to the Town website.


Traffic, speeding, the danger to cyclists, joggers, others using the roads, and the difficulty of getting onto Route 25 when a ferry off-loads are all concerns. Our roads both carry and challenge us. And what we may not see is the run-off from these roads carrying all the pollutants that traffic brings with it. That runs into fields, wetlands and, ultimately, bays. It’s part of the whole interconnected system we live in.


Water is a critical issue. There’s a delicate balance between rainfall, our aquifer, drainage, sewers , wetlands, and the health of the bays. We believe that with careful, proactive thinking and planning, Orient can develop and ensure a healthy, sustainable and natural system for our water. Read more.

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