What makes this place so special?

We asked some of you and ourselves what we most love about Orient. What makes this place so special? Here are a few highlights. Take our survey to tell us what you think.

“Our night’s sky, dark and revealing, lends to an older time in most Long Island communities. We are lucky to have such a spectacle and are aware of the need to preserve the dark skies for future generations.”

“We cherish our local farms and fishing businesses and try to support them and buy from them as much as possible.”

“Ospreys, herons, hawks, hummingbirds and other nesting species attest to the clean water and habitat which we all share in.”

“The water and beaches are our defining and lovely heritage. The bay is being killed by run-off from the roads and that needs to be addressed. Preserving what farmland is left needs support. When I was young, it was all open fields, now so many are gone.”

“The area’s pristine beaches and wetlands are a treasure to be protected from environmental insults, while preserving for the continual enjoyment of all residents.”