Orient Association’s goal is to serve the entire Orient community, from the tip of the Point to the causeway. We collaborate closely with the East Marion Community Association (EMCA) on matters of joint importance.

We believe that what unites us in Orient is our love of the place, its natural beauty, its open spaces, its relative quiet, its historic character. We believe that the people who live and work here, the small businesses, agriculture, waterfront community, and organizations that support this special place, form a network that will cherish and preserve the best of Orient.

We want to identify the issues important to Orient and focus our attention on them. We especially need the input of the farming, business and community organizations, including the school district and fire department, so that we can foster the role they play in making Orient a unique place.


We seek to uphold and sustain the interests of the people of Orient and give aid and encouragement to all things that foster the general wellbeing of Orient. The Association provides a forum through regular meetings and special forums to discuss, consider, and act upon issues which concern the people of Orient.


Inclusive: to reach out to all people who reside and work in Orient and Orient Point full or part-time: landowners, homeowners and long-term renters, business owners and operators, farmers. Membership is open to all on an individual basis. General meetings are open to both members and non-members who wish to attend. Voting is restricted to members.

Educational: to provide information, speakers, and educational programs that will help the people of Orient fully understand important issues that affect us, and be better able to make sound decisions that benefit the entire community.

Long term: to think about critical issues both in terms of their current impact, as well as the implications over generations, decades and the next century. How can we improve the lives of the current members of the community while considering the needs and the benefits to those who will be here long after us?

Respectful: to recognize the value and importance of individual property rights, of families who own and work the land, and who have been stewards of it for generations; to understand the varied needs of different groups within our community.

Forum of first resort: to create an opportunity and mechanism for members of the community to air their plans, problems, issues, needs etc. through OA for discussion, consideration and, in the case of dispute, resolution prior to taking these to formal authorities within the Town.